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Very down to earth, with lots of examples and stories and a touch of humour, Peggy is a stage animal and move-tivator who loves to put people in motion. 

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Meet Peggy 

Very down to earth, with lots of examples and stories and a touch of humour, Peggy is a stage animal and move-tivator who loves to put people in motion. 

Peggy is an experienced keynote speaker, trainer, coach and expert in communication, mindset and group dynamics. In the past 20 years she has coached many international business leaders in companies like Adecco, Apple, Medtronic, Nestlé, Nespresso, Liberty Global, Becton & Dickinson, Pontoon, Mondelez and Amnesty International, all over the world. She’s well versed in NLP, (provocative) coaching, rational effectiveness, behavioral & personality models, group dynamics, transformation approaches and intercultural communication

She is privileged to travel around the world with her approach, based on her book  ‘A Speech of Cake’ which was re-branded in the 4th edition!

 (After a divorce Peggy changed her name from Peggy Richie back to Peggy Overmeer)


2020 was the year of the virtual conversion! Peggy uses her experience in front of a camera, combined with her methodologies to embrace group dynamics and her passion for impactful communication, to guide you in this virtual Covid time.

Whether it is to improve your online meetings in a Zoom or Teams type of setting, to have impact with your online presentation or to shine during a virtual conference.


We are happy to help you make the switch from the real world to the virtual world. Because just copying what you did before, will not be enough to stop your audience from multitasking. 

What's new

We have an APP!! TPO Agency, one of our customers, had the brilliant idea to convert our 'speed speech writing excel file' into an app.
You can use it to write the backbone of your speech FOR FREE on this website.
Do you want to get to the core of your message? Answer the questions and read the bare minimum of your presentation.

Click on the picture to start writing ➡️


Speed Speech Writing App

Open Workshop

Are you ready to work on the way you present in front of an audience? Increase your self confidence on stage, have more impact on your audience, create powerful slides or overcome your fears?
Check out the workshop dates & place here!

Next up: 22 & 23 August 2024 - Mechelen Vlaanderen - More...

Online Training Platform

Boost Your Talent 

You decide when, where and how you want to learn!

Boost your Talent is the online platform for talent revelation. No time to go to a workshop? Do you prefere to study at your own place and time? Or aren't there any workshops available where you are? ​

Then have a look here, and follow Peggy's teachings online

New Book

We launched the 4th edition of A Speech of Cake, with 5 new chapters and a rebranded cover!

Since Peggy's name changed - back to the original version - 

we thought it would be a good idea to really celebrate the rebranding!

Wanna know more? leave your e-mail addres and we keep you posted! 


Training Development Client

“No matter which country or culture, demographic or audience Peggy has delivered programs for us in and to, she always has a huge impact on our people.


Peggy’s energy and enthusiasm, content knowledge and experience, combined with her ability to connect with our people has made a huge and long lasting effect. Her personable yet always professional approach makes her an absolute pleasure to deal with as her client.


I can only highly recommend Peggy!”

Victoria Bethlehem

Head of Human Resources  

Asia Pacific

Adecco Group

Audrey low.jpg

Trainee Thought Leadership Presenting

“Peggy is an incredibly motivational trainer, she is super passionate about her work. She trains with her heart, she makes an effort to know everyone in the class, she makes people believe in themselves and feeling transformed after attending her class.


Another value of Peggy's work is that she has in-depth practical knowledge, she is direct and precise in areas to focus & to improve.


 I would always recommend Peggy to anyone or any company.”

Audrey Low
Head of Sales Asia & China

The Adecco Group

Conference Client

"Peggy makes our speakers shine on stage.

For more then 15 years, I trust Peggy being the speaker coach during our worldwide conferences. Peggy has that unique talent and non-stop energy to get the best out of anyone who has to step on stage and plans to inspire an audience. 


Starting from each individual speakers profile and speaking assignment, she helps building the story line, inspires for content lines, trains body language and stage presence, improves the speaker's rythm and intonation and advises how to make powerfull slides.


But most of all she gives candidate speakers selfconfidence. She acts like a coach and a sparring partner, challenging and supporting at the same time. Anyone who wants to have more impact on stage, please talk to Peggy.

Steve De Wit

Conference architect


Personal Coaching Client

"Peggy has prepped me for all keynote presentations I have given to large audiences (300+) across various industries multiple times per year. Her techniques and guidance give you the confidence to connect with and captivate the audience with your messaging, set the tone for the event and utilize the stage to your advantage.


Peggy will continuously ask you to push past your own limits and build your on-stage personality day after day with respect, patience and understanding. 

Thanks to her, my speeches have more impact.

I have been working with Peggy for over 10 years and she is more than a keynote speaker or coach."

Corinne Ripoche

Global CEO

Pontoon Solutions 

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A Speech of Cake - rebranded 


4th Edition

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