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If you could be the same person on stage, as you are off stage... what would that bring your audience?

Stop Presenting!

When someone sits next to you in the train and asks you about your job, you don't get nervous and 'start a conversation'. You just answer. What if you could do the same on stage? Just share what you know in a logical, conversational way?

Peggy Overmeer

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A Speech of Cake

Public Speaking made easy

A Speech of Cake is based on a very simple philosophy for presenting. Three ingredients will make you an impactful speaker. It is not something you need to learn or become, it is something you need to decide to be!

Message - What is it I am doing here? What change do I want to manifest with my speech? How do I want to influence the way my audience thinks, feels and what they say?

Audience - Who am I speaking to? How can I connect with them? And why should they want to say, think, feel, what I want them to? Or in other words: what is in it for them?

Mindset - How you feel will determine how you behave and how you will be perceived. So your mindset can not be left to chance, you need to prepare it, and work on it. 

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