Move-tivate your audience

Peggy gives presentations at conferences, kick offs and events. She likes to work tailor made - so let's have a chat about what your audience needs. Below you find the rough themes of the type of presentations she gives. Ready to be shook up? 

Peggy presents in Dutch, English and French

Keynote 'Speak up'

in French

Keynote 'Story telling'

in Flemish

Keynote 'A Speech of Cake'

in English

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    A Speech of Cake

    Public speaking made easy – with three basic ingredients, you turn any speech into a story that sticks.

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    Why pinterest doesn’t work when you feel like sh*t, and how to approach it differently.

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    Stop slide-torture!

    In a lot of speeches, the slides are the center of the attention. How do you make sure you don’t torture your audience by making them stare at a big screen?

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    Why rational arguments don’t stick, if you do not create an emotional frame first.

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    The power in your team, your team in its power

    How to use group dynamics to reach the biggest potential in your team.

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